Update Facebook v3.2.0.9 ( BETAZONE )

New features in Facebook for BlackBerry smartphones version include:
Ability to see the Event wall (post, comment, like, etc.)
Ability to see profile picture in the Navigation Grid instead of the generic profile icon
Enhancements for seamless birthday integration for users with 5000 friends
Help URLs are available for 3.2.0
Calendar entries are removed when logging out, deleting or receiving an invalid session when using the application
Event times (start/end) updated according to the breaking change blog post issued by Facebook
Here’s a look at the complete list of product features in Facebook for BlackBerry:
Users are now able to access Events from their Facebook for BlackBerry smartphones application! This feature gives you the ability to view the details of an event, see a list of events you have created or have been invited to, as well as view a guest list of the event.
Feature Breakdown:
Ability to see the details of an event (basic information only: times, venue, description)
Ability to see the list of events that a user has created or is invited to in chronological order (not clickable items)
Ability to see a filtered guest list for the event by RSVP (Going/Not Attending/Maybe/Not Responded/All Invited)
Ability to see events shown as quickly as possible
Event notifications open the new event screens
Ability to change the RSVP status of an event
A popular feature request from the BlackBerry Beta Zone community is now available in Facebook for BlackBerry smartphones 3.2. The new version of Facebook for BlackBerry gives you the ability to view the birthdays of all your Facebook friends directly from the application. Users now also have the added ability of integrating Facebook birthdays into your BlackBerry smartphone calendar!
Feature Breakdown:
Ability to link all Facebook friends’ birthdays to your BlackBerry Calendar
Previously integrated birthdays in the calendar are removed when birthday integration settings are changed
Ability to select which friends’ birthdays appear in the device calendar
Ability to see friends birthdays in chronological order from the current date
Ability to see friends birthday’s grouped with date headers
Previously contact-linked birthdays are pre-selected
In addition, the icons in the navigational grid have been updated!
The following issues have been fixed and implemented in Facebok for BlackBerry smartphones version

1. Updated help URLs for Facebook 3.2
2. Auto-linking to Facebook friends in address. book did not occur
3. Menu items missing for 5.0 devices
4. Scrolling Issues on the BlackBerry Curve 9360
5. Sharing a friend’s photo creates a comment on wall instead of posting the photo
6. Long user name is cutoff in profile header on profile screen
7. Some friends are not displayed in friends list with large user account
8. When the user opens the photo comment notification and commends after friend, only “comment” is displayed in the outgoing notifications list
9. Can’t Scroll in the Menu “Notifications” with Touch Screen
10. Unable to comment on my own photo (won’t send) (Error 2121)
11. Title on Group Wall publisher changes: initially using full name, then switching to first name
12. Null shows in location field of an event in calendar
13. A blank event screen displays after event is canceled while you trying to refresh screen
Initial scroll up will not take user to the top of the Event Wall – Event Photo, Title and Type are not visible
14. Facebook message always stays in sending status

Download here Betazone


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