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Exclusive: Photo Pertama BlackBerry 10 Superphone!!

BOOM! Last week’s leaked 2012 BlackBerry Roadmap slide deck brought with it a ton of goodies for the new year, but one thing that was missing was a fresh look at a BlackBerry 10 Smartphone Superphone. Consider it found though, with the slide above featuring an image and some details on the much-rumored about BlackBerry “London”.

The story here isn’t cut and dry though. Back in November a first photo of a BlackBerry London dummy unit hit the internet, but that BBX phone — it wasn’t re-labeled BlackBerry 10 yet — featured a hardware design that was quite different than the phone in the image above. The first photo of London featured angular edges and a design language more akin to the uber-expensive Porsche Design P’9981 Smartphone by BlackBerry.

By contrast, the BlackBerry London in the image above looks much more like a phonified BlackBerry PlayBook, featuring the rounded corners and all-black look of RIM’s first tablet. And while we heard the first photo of London was legit as RIM hardware concept, we’ve been hearing for an even longer time now that the first QNX-based hardware was more like a downsized PlayBook. The plot thickens.

All confusion aside though, our excitement is building for the next-generation of BlackBerry phones that are due out later this year.Word has it that London is actually slated for the UK (go figure), while two other models — “Laguna” and “Lisbon” are in development for the US market targeting AT&T, Sprint and Verizon. We wouldn’t be surprised at all to see Laguna and Lisbon actually launched prior to London. With BlackBerry still the #1 Smartphone in the UK, it’s in America that RIM needs to first make a big splash with BlackBerry 10.

ImageTalking hardware for a moment, we’re hearing that both the TI OMAP5 and Qualcomm chipsets are being tested (1.5GHz dual core processors). If we look ahead by looking at BlackBerry history, it could be that Qualcomm is for the CDMA carriers. All we know is that with the BlackBerry PlayBook rocking and rolling the PlayBook OS at 1Ghz, that with 1.5Ghz as a baseline BlackBerry 10 phones will not be lacking in the performance department.

Tutorial upgrade Blackberry OS 7

Simple Tutorial Install / Reinstall / Upgrade BlackBerry OS 7

Tips : install – reinstall – upgrade BlackBerry OS 7.

Tools yang diperlukan:
1. Bbsak (versi terbaru).
2. BlackBerry Desktop Manager (versi terbaru / v 7).
3. Java loader exe.
4. Bboss (versi terbaru).

Langkah – langkah Install OS :

A. PC / Laptop operasional :

1. Internet on : min speed – 512 Kb
2. Download OS dari web Search dr Firmwire di website BerryIndo ketik di kotak “search” diatas kanan atas versi OS yg kamu inginkan.

– Blackberry OS Leaked & Official Collections:

– Pilih OS via website operator BlackBerry anda di List of Blackberry Official OS Firmware Download sites:

3. Install OS file exe OS yang anda Download tsb – Restart PC / laptop. Internet tetap terpasang agar on terus.
4. Buka drive program file – common file – research in motion – uploader – delete “vendor” file.

B. Langkah – langkah Wipe dan Install OS :

1. Koneksikan BlackBerry ke PC /Laptop
2. Back Up data menggunakan Desktop Manager (Automatic atau Advance Restore /memilih menu – menu back up tertentu).
3. Wipe OS yang ada di BlackBerry anda dengan BBsak atau JL commander
4. Install OS melalui Loader : Drive C – Folder Program File – Folder Common Files – Folder RIM – Folder Loader – Click Loader dan jalankan serta pilih menu – menu OS yang akan di Install.
5. Pull Battery (cabut).
6. Pasang kembali dan Setting Wizard.
7. Restore file Back Up menggunakan Desktop Manager (Automatic atau Advance Restore /memilih menu – menu back up tertentu).
TIPS : Restore menu /data yang dibutuhkan saja spt : contacts, contacts bbm (backup email dan mmc), memo, message, task, alamat link 3rd apps yg anda pakai (akan digunakan untuk download OTA dan install kembali) dan lainnya.
8. Setting Email anda dan send Service Book.
9. Download OTA 3rd App yang anda gunakan. Jangan lupa lakukan Restart.

1. OS 7 tidak bisa di Full Shrink, sebab adanya menu OS dan Module yang saling berkaitan. Saran saya, menu yang akan di Shrink : Bahasa (selain English UK / US), Fonts, Games, Vcast Music, Vodafone App, Podcast dan menu lain nya yang harus anda teliti.
2. Jangan Shrink Menu – menu / Module Inti seperti : Bahasa English UK / US, OTA Upgrade, Help, Option, Log Viewer dan Menu Inti lainnya yang dibutuhkan ketelitian Anda.

Permasalahan yang sering dialami ialah :
1. Device tidak connect.
2. Application Loader tidak berjalan / stop ditengah loading.

Apabila mengalami hal – hal tersebut diatas, mohon lakukan :
1. Uninstall OS.
2. Clean up PC / Laptop.
3. Scan Registry.
4. Uninstall dan Install kembali Desktop Manager dan Bbsak.
5. Restart PC / Laptop.
6. Lanjutkan proses OS Loader. Click Next hingga terbuka Menu – menu OS yang akan di Install dan lanjutkan.
7. Apabila masih mengalami masalah Loader OS, mohon Tutup / Cancel Loader dan buka Desktop Manager, akan muncul nya Notifikasi Upload / Install OS, Click Next / Install untuk Upload OS melalui Desktop Manager.

Semoga sharing ini dapat bermanfaat untuk kita semua. Mohon maaf atas kekurangan dan kelebihan nya.

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Cara Melihat BlackBerry OS Version di Device

BlackBerry OS7 Tdk tersedia utk Device Lama

Jangan lupa backup data via desktop manager sebelum upgrade. Anda bisa gunakan OS dari operator mana saja ke BlackBerry Handheld dengan hapus file vendor.xml

Cara Backup AutoText BlackBerry di Memory Card:

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